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"People look at you and say ‘you changed’, as if you worked that hard to stay the same"

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Technically, Jesus is a zombie.

I’m tryna told`em…

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So I got sun burnt…..again 😩😓🔥😳😩

So I got sun burnt…..again 😩😓🔥😳😩

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شاذ جنسيا


شاذ جنسيا

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listen to the words. 

Man look if the beat ain’t sick I dont care about the words. You don’t sacrifice musicality for content especially when content is only contextually relevant. They should work simultaneously.

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Treated myself last weekend.  #GalaxyTabPro10.1 #Samsung

Treated myself last weekend. #GalaxyTabPro10.1 #Samsung

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#galaxytabpro10 #samsung